October 29, 2011

Couscous with Scrambled eggs, Sun-dried tomatoes and Jalapenos

Another alternative to Rice
Couscous is a wonderful, versatile pasta. It is made from two different sizes of the husked and crushed, but unground, semolina of hard wheat, using water to bind them. It hails from Morocco and Northern Algeria, and is a staple throughout North Africa. It can be served as a breakfast cereal, dressed as a salad, and sweetened for a dessert. But in it's most common use, it accompanies a stew or savory sauce, much as rice does in other cultures.
For this recipe I have used sun-dried tomatoes with olive oil. Sun-dried tomatoes are ripe tomatoes placed in the sun to remove most of the water content, which brings out an exquisitely intense flavor. I buy mine from Costco but it is usually available in most grocery stores (international aisle).

Serves 8

2 C - Couscous
2 C - Water OR Vegetable stock \ Chicken stock \ Beef stock
3 - Eggs
1/4 C - Sun-dried tomatoes
2 Tbsp - Pickled Jalapenos
3 Tsp - Lime juice
3 Tbsp - Butter (optional)


Cook the couscous with water or stock as per the instructions on the package. After cooking add butter, salt, lime juice and mix well.
Whisk eggs in a bowl after seasoning them with salt. Heat some oil in a non stick pan and add the eggs. Cook the eggs until they are done. Now add the cooked couscous to the scrambled eggs. Mix well. Add chopped sun dried tomatoes and pickled jalapenos.


  1. looks inviting...such a nice color imparted n very tempting..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  2. that's quite a flavourful dish, so many random yet amazing flavours married together :)

  3. Thanks Shema for this wonderful healthy recipe. I made it couple of days ago for dinner and substituted some chopped Broccoli for Jalapenos to impress the little ones (as they like colors) and served with some fish curry...even my little one ate the whole thing. Suprisingly we all loved the Couscous/fish curry combo. Of course we had our seconds....thanks again and do more experiments and keep it coming :)


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