December 4, 2012

Italian Wedding Cookies / Mexican Wedding Cake Cookies / Snowball Cookies / Russian Tea Cakes

I am dreaming of a white Christmas 
Just like the ones I used to know 
Where the treetops glisten, 
and children listen 
To hear sleigh bells in the snow

I am dreaming of a white Christmas 
With every Christmas card I write 
May your days be merry and bright 
And may all your Christmas's be white 

It definitely is beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas now and what better way to enjoy such a cold December evening than huddled up in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa and some snowball cookies . These cookies are fondly known by different names but I like to call them Snowball Cookies and usually bake them around this time of the year. With its powdery white snowball like appearance, to me, its a warm reminder of the upcoming snowy, wintery holidays. 

The first time I had these cookies were at an office potluck and it was instant love at first taste. I tried asking my colleague for the recipe and he was then supposed to ask his wife but I never got a response from him :( Well, I guess some people just don’t like sharing their recipes but I was determined to recreate those tasty bits of winter magic because they were just too good – so I googled frantically and found this recipe that seemed to be the closest match and hence for the past 2 years I have been using this recipe

Apparently this is going to be the last post of this year at LifeScoops. A year full of adventure, experimentation and lots of fun, learning new recipes and making new friends on the blogosphere. I hope to come back from my month-long vacation with renewed spirits  ideas and vigor and eagerly look forward to lots more learning, new recipes and of course making more great friends next year. I specially want to thank all of you who take time to read my blogs and keep pushing me on with your warm support and encouragement. The LifeScoops Facebook fan page has been growing  –  it is truly motivational and I really love you all!! 
For my vacation, I am headed back to India for my sister-in-laws wedding and I am so excited for her and for being able to go back home and meet my family. Until next year then, this is Shema George signing off with a truck load of warm wishes for the Christmas and the New Year ahead ! 

Recipe adapted from here

Makes about 50 cookies

1 1/2 Cup – Butter (unsalted)
3/4 Cup – Powdered Sugar
3/4 Tsp - Salt
1 1/2 Cup - Finely ground almonds
4 1/2 Tsp - Vanilla extract
3 Cup - All-purpose flour (sifted)

1/3 sifted - Powdered sugar, for rolling


  • Preheat oven to 325 F (165 C). 
  • Cream butter in a bowl and add powdered sugar and salt. Beat until light and fluffy. 
  • Add ground almonds and vanilla. 
  • Blend in flour gradually and mix well. 
  • Shape the dough into balls (or crescents or any shape you desire) and place them on a cookie sheet 
  • Bake for 15-20 min. Make sure not to brown them. 
  • While hot roll the cookies in powdered sugar. 
  • After cooling once again roll the cookies in powdered sugar. 
Notes and Tips
  • To make almond powder, pulse whole almonds in a food processor. If you want a white cookie use almonds without the skin, but I use whole almonds
  • Make sure you leave some space between the cookie while baking as they will grow


  1. looks yummy!

  2. My all time fav just melts in mouth...way too tempting before my sleep. Yumm :)

  3. Lovely. Those arae some of my favorite cookies! I make them every Xmas.



  4. have a great time in india shema and do a lot of prop shopping :)
    these cookies were the first i ever learned to make from my mum, so they do hold a special place :)

  5. They are yummy cookies!! Have a safe trip to India!!

  6. absolutely delightful hooked looking at the gorgeous clicks too,Wishing you a very Happy X'mas,a Blessed New year and a Joyful Vacation !!!
    Join EP event-Garlic OR Turmeric @ Spice n Flavors

  7. That is such a Christmassy post! love it! Wish u a wonderful Christmas and happy new year in advance! Also happy vacationing back at home!

  8. Have a blessed and happy Christmass and new year Shema :)
    I have been meaning to try Mexican wedding cookies forever, now that I have a recipe you recommend it became a must!
    As for your story!I hate those people who don't share recipes but the ones I hate more are the ones who give you the wrong recipe! I don't understand why they do it

  9. Have a wonderful time at the wedding! I can not wait to see the pictures from it! Indian wedding are so beautiful. The cookies are looks very yummy-)

  10. Lovely and perfect treat for the xmas :)..Cookies look tempting!

  11. YUM! These are my favorite cookies ever! Try it with almond extract too; that's how I make them and they are amazing :)

  12. These are one of my most favorite holiday cookies :)Hope you had a wonderful X'mas. Happy 2013 !!
    And I really really loved the pictures from Plum cake post :) I am just having a piece of my plum cake with my evening tea now ;)

  13. super yummy cookies.perfectly done.BTW if possible plz visit mine n plz chjeck out my new FB page dear.Hope u vl

  14. I have never made snowball cookies before but these are so beautiful and perfect for holiday season!

  15. Never tried these cookies..They look super tempting..

  16. These look as though they will melt in the mouth.. I totally love the sugar dusting!

  17. Thank you for sharing your recipe with us. I made a trial batch for my family this week and they loved them. Today I am backing 2 bactches for my first cookie exhange at work tomorrow. I have a crafty blog and will be posting pics of my cookies there and linking your blog for the recipe. This will be my first non-craft post. Thanks again and Happy Holidays to you!!!


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