June 12, 2013

Mediterranean Couscous Salad with Feta Cheese

After a streak of rather futile attempts in getting some decent posts for my blog, I am finally ready with a recipe to share.

The unfortunate precursor to the "Flop-show Series" was the Brownie that I made for my husband's birthday in May. I usually plan for an elaborate and interesting cake design <link> especially for birthdays but that particular weekend was just jam-packed with multiple events and appointments leaving me with just enough time to bake some Brownies. Unfortunately it did not come out as well as I expected; it tasted great but I was not satisfied with the texture. I also made my hubby his favorite Mutton curry, which seemed to be much closer to his heart than a cake. It came out well but this time I dint get time to take pictures or get it on the blog. 

The next attempt was to post some chicken kebab recipes that I had made for an office potluck lunch but again, since I made these on a busy weeknight, I was left with no time or energy to setup my studio or take any worthwhile pictures for the blog.

During the following long weekend I hoped to compensate with an array of blog-worthy dishes but since I also had to get some urgent Spring cleaning done, I was too drained of energy and the mood to take photos. I think I am a bit demotivated after all these fruitless episodes and need to plan better to get my mojo back.

The recipe that I have here is for a simple salad that is great for summer and tastes great when served chilled. Simple ingredients and flavors but truly refreshing and light!

Grape Tomatoes

Feta Cheese

1 10oz packet/ 2Cups - Couscous
1 pint - GrapeTomatoes
1 - English cucumber, cubed
6 oz - Feta cheese, crumbled
4 tablespoons - Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 - Lemon
2 Cups - Fresh Parsley, chopped
12 - Mint leaves, chopped
Zest of 1 lemon
Salt to taste

  • Cook Couscous as per package directions.
  • Stir in olive oil, lemon juice, lemon zest, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, feta cheese, parsley and mint.
  • Season with salt and serve chilled
Notes and Tips
  • If you are not a fan of parsley, you can experiment with other herbs you may like. Basil and Cilantro are good options


  1. I love the salad, fresh and beautiful. Perfect foe a summer picnics.

    Have a lovely evening,


  2. Its a perfect refreshing salad for Summer. Glad to see you back after a week break.

  3. So happy to see you back in action...was really missing you. I love Couscous salad and used to it almost every other day while I was pregnant :-) Lovely pics as always Shema..

  4. The salad does look so fresh. Beautiful pictures.

  5. This Mediterranean Couscous Salad with Feta Cheese sound perfect for the hot summer days. :) I'm sure your hubby would understand and still be happy that you made brownies for him. It's the thoughts that count, right? :) Thank you for sharing this lovely recipe with us.

  6. very summery shema.. this summer my main aim is to learn how to make some new salads. Im sick of the usual ceasar salad. This shall be added to my list :)

  7. we call our daughter couscous ( now cousy as short form!) so u can imagine how much we love couscous ! I love the flavour combinations u used here Shema, and its nice to see u back !

  8. Nice pics and such a refreshing salad..need to try them :)

  9. What a beautiful salad. I love couscous and your lovely photos are screaming, "make me now!"

  10. Lovely clicks, esp the tomato shot looks just awesome !! A healthy & colorful salad :)

  11. Very summary salad and it's very appetizing! I love anything with couscous. :)

  12. This looks amazing! We don't eat cheese so I will just leave it off.


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