December 17, 2011

X'mas Cake - Santa's Elves at Work (Spiced Apricot and Raisin cake with Pineapple and Whipped cream filling, frosted in Vanilla Butter cream)

Santa's Elves at Work

 A harmonious and delicious blend of Spiced Apricot and Raisin cake with Pineapple and Whipped cream filling, frosted in Vanilla Butter cream 

This cake attempts to capture a scene in Santa's  workshop, where his magical elves are at work, wrapping up final presents before Xmas day. My 2 yr old daughter has been so mesmerised with the story of Father Christmas and his coterie of cute, mischievous elves, the gifts, colors and lights of Xmas and this basically was the inspiration behind the theme adapted.

Main Cake Base: 2 layers of spiced Apricot and Raisin cake with a whipped cream and pineapple filling, wrapped in sweet Vanilla butter cream frosting.
For the cake recipe click HERE!

Cake Decoration: 100 % edible fondant dyed in varied edible Christmas themed colors has been used to create the final layers and decorations.  Each figurine, including the bows, ribbons and the elves has been delicately handcrafted and intricately detailed to capture the rich colors and mood of the characters 

This deep, rich and gorgeously delicious cake is a perfect fit for your Christmas party with its harmonious balance of taste, texture, scent, colors and the intricate details of the theme adapted, to create a visually stimulating and appetizing pastry . Every single element you see here is edible and delicately crafted to communicate and celebrate the traditions and atmosphere of this festive season . 

Credits: The cake design is adapted from franjmc's flickr stream


  1. Wow! Love the colours and the detailing...

  2. wow!! shema, this is superb! how long did u take to do the little elf' time, please take some snaps of the making process as well...


  3. Hi Shema , U R super... Its looks so delicious...
    Very lovely creation..... Wonderful...


  4. Shema waaaaaoow! shema i want to book for my next birthday cake from you.....Pleeease. Shema I tell S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y you should do food network type contests and show case your talent to one of those famous professional cakes n cupcakes co. and join as a trainee....U R TALENTED! U need to think about a career change. I swear... :)


  5. Lovely cake Shema....I follow your blog ....have tried few recipes...keep it up...

  6. Shema - Beautiful cake. Truely amazing. There will be a few cake orders coming your way next year for sure. So we'll need to talk about the details. I will talk to you manager Blessil about it. :)....

  7. Wow! .... hmmm... still thinking of an adjective... hmmmmmm... I give up.. what can I say... superlatively fantabulous! (if that makes sense ;-))

  8. Amazing cake Sheema !! What a perfection !! Loved it a loooot....I liked the colours & the elves too :) Eagerly waiting to see more of your fondant cakes!

  9. I love the pictures.. I am so impressed with the details u have done. Very nice stopping by ur space and absolutely loving it here.. Following u.. Do visit me as time permits.

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  10. amazed!!! how do u do this?! and i like the photography too :)

  11. Amazing... Very Artistic Cake... How can one cut this Masterpiece...

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  12. Chechs, the cake recipe hyperlink given above leads to Soba Noodles - The Indo-chinese way :(

  13. Chithra, Thanks a bunch...I just corrected that :)


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