February 27, 2013

Low Fat Greek Yogurt Strawberry Scones (Egg Free) + Tips to make Greek Yogurt from Regular Yogurt

A scone is a quick bread made of all-purpose flour, wheat, barley or oatmeal, with baking powder as a leavening agent. They are baked on sheet pans. They are often lightly sweetened and are occasionally glazed.

Ever since I first came across this recipe a few months ago,  I badly wanted to try it out, especially due to the numerous rave reviews it was garnering and also because of its simplicity. In fact these delectable scones were so easy to make, with the entire cooking time not taking more than 30 minutes in all;  now doesn't that make you want to try it too? 

I baked these delicious goodies on Saturday and all of us just loved it. The few leftovers made for a  quick yet tasty breakfast the next morning as we were hurrying to make it on time for the morning mass at church.  My daughter who usually stops with a cup of milk, actually finished her milk, had half a scone and then wanted to pack the rest to eat in the car. I agreed to pack it but in the hurry to get out of the house, I totally forgot to do so. On the way to church, my daughter predictably  says “Mama I am hungry”  and as I began to apologize and explain my gaffe, I see her wearing this big grin. She tells me not to worry and pulls out the remaining half of the scone out of her jacket pocket, crudely packed in some tissue paper, stating “Mama don’t worry, I have packed it in a paper towel so that it doesn’t get dirty”!!! As my husband and I turned back to scold her for dropping scone crumbles all over her jacket, car seat and dress, her big smile and innocent eagerness to pack her own snack just seemed so cute that we all started laughing. 

Strawberry offers a wide range of health benefits:

  • Boost immunity and promote eye health
  • Help fight cancer
  • Keep wrinkles at bay
  • Fight bad cholesterol
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Regulate blood pressure
  • Boost fiber and aid in weight management
  • Promote pre-natal health
Recipe adapted from here 
Yields – 8 scones

3/4 Cup - Strawberry Greek Yogurt
2 Cup - All-purpose flour plus extra for dusting work surface
1/3 Cup - Sugar plus 2 T for sprinkling (mildly sweet, increase to ½ Cup if you like it sweet)
2 Tsp - Baking powder
½ Tsp - Baking soda
¼ Tsp - Salt
4 Tbsp - Cold unsalted butter cut into ¼-inch cubes
½ Tsp – Lemon Zest
1 Cup - Fresh strawberries, chopped

  • Preheat oven to 425°F.
  • In a large bowl whisk together flour, 1/3 cup sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt.
  • Add butter and using a pastry cutter or your fingers, cut butter into flour mixture until it resembles coarse cornmeal.
  • Stir in strawberries, lemon zest and then gently incorporate yogurt, and knead it just enough to make it into a dough ball. Do not over mix.
  • Turn dough onto a heavily floured work surface. Pat it into 1 inch thick circle. Cut into 8 wedges.
  • Arrange wedges on parchment paper-lined baking sheet and sprinkle tops of scones with remaining 2 T sugar.
  • Bake until golden brown, 12 to 15 minutes. Cool on a wire rack before serving.

Notes and Tips
  • These scones are mildly sweet. The original recipe called for only ¼ Cup of sugar but I usually add 1/3 Cup. If you like sweeter scones try adding ½ Cup of sugar.
  • Nutrition Information – Serving Size 1 scone, Calories 230, Calories from Fat 50, Total Fat 6g, Saturated Fat 4g, Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 15mg, Sodium 280mg, Total Carbohydrate 38g, Dietary Fiber 1g, Sugars 13g, Protein 5g.
  • You can make Blueberries, Peach, Apples versions. The possibilities are endless!

How to make Greek Yogurt from Regular Yogurt
You might want to make greek yogurt at home due to its unavailability in your regular grocery store or due to its high cost. Please note that straining regular yogurt usually reduces the volume by half, or even more if you are using low fat or fat free yogurt  so plan accordingly.

What You Need
  1. A big Strainer
  2. Bowl
  3. Cheesecloth or coffee filter paper
  4. Plain, regular yogurt (Homemade or store bought full fat, low fat, fat free, organic, flavored or soy yogurt for vegans)
  5. Plastic wrap
  • Place a strainer over a large bowl and line it with cheesecloth and add transfer regular yogurt into it.
  • Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight
  • Discard the whey that has drained out into the bowl. Transfer the yogurt to a closed container and store in the refrigerator. 


  1. The scones look fantastic ~ I would love to have some with a hot cup of coffee.Pretty pictures!

    The tip is handy.


  2. Yummy scones dear,looks very delicious..great clicks!!

  3. I always shy away from scones as they call for eggs but this recipe is brilliant

  4. strawberries are every where, i bought to bake a cake now i have so many different choices to use it up...

  5. i have loaaaads of yoghurt sitting in my fridge and this is eaxactly what im gonna make.
    scones are such a rage here (you know the english scones and clotted cream saga) and i love it. but strangely have not made any. Thanks for the recipe shemmaaa :)

  6. These look beautiful. I've never tried making them with whole grains. I'm going to try and ground up some fresh grains as flour and try these. Nice recipe!

  7. I have love hate relationship with scones as sometimes they just dont turn out right. YOurs look really nice, and crumbly. I will gove this a go. Love the basket full of strawberries!

  8. Shema, the strawberries basket is looking gorgeous.

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  12. Perfect Spring/Summer breakfast, very pretty! I am coming back to this recipe for sure. Thank you!

  13. Great recipe Shema! YUM!! As always, the clicks look amazing too :)

  14. What a beautiful recipe! I have fresh strawberries and greek yogurt too! Look forward to trying them out! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Beautiful scones, gorgeous photos!!!

  16. I made these for breakfast this morning. I love scones. But they are so fatty with the cream and butter. So today I was looking for a lower calorie version. I was leery about the Greek yogurt (I'm not a fan) but these were AMAZING!! I'm not a scone connoisseur but I loved how moist these were and the use of fresh berries over dried (which seems to be the norm). They had almost a strawberry lemonade flavor (next time I'm going to up the lemon zest and see if it resembles a lemonade flavor). I love that they have 5g of protein!! I only had plain Greek yogurt and they were still fantastic and strawberried. I can't wait to try these with the proper yogurt! I also brushed them with cream and sprinkled raw sugar on top and upped the sugar to 1/2c (I love things sweet) and the sweetness was just right. I was also thrilled at how big they were for only 230 cals! This is my new favorite scone recipe! I can't wait to try the other flavors! Apple (pie) sounds amazing too...or peach [shiver]. I even made a Gluten Free version for my daughter simultaneously using an all purpose GF baking mix that turned out bigger and tasting almost identical. She was very happy!

    1. Thank you- Glad you liked them. I for sharing your GF tips


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