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A food blogger, culinary enthusiast and photographer with a obsession for cooking, experimenting and Food styling– Shema George
I am just "the girl next door" kind of person with no frills attached. I just happened to love food, everything about it, especially the art, culture and science behind great food and that's basically what makes me blog. I am an IT professional by day, a mother of an extremely energetic toddler and a home-maker. In tune to my Indian background and heritage, you will find a lot of Indian recipes on my blog but my love for other cuisines with related recipes are also on display. Myriad cuisines, recipes and cooking techniques, the interesting science behind the various techniques, the art of baking and crafting beautiful cakes are just some of the things that intrigue and inspire me to blog. I believe that a good dish is the result of a good recipe and the love that goes into it while making it.   

My inspiration 
A beautiful family- Thanks to my extremely supportive husband, my lovely daughter, my parents, sister and all my great friends for their constant encouragement. You guys keep me going. Words can’t describe how indebted I am to you for everything you do for me! 

Why blog?
Lately I have been hit with this question several times from my near and dear friends. So this really made me think - why? Here are the answers
  • Pure Joy: Cooking is a source of joy in its purest form to me- Very therapeutic!! Even when I was facing the worst days of my life, cooking brought peace to me and helped me relax.
  • Organize: To keep my recipes organized.
  • Idle mind is a devil's workshop: I don't want to sit idle and be a devil!! LOL :))
  • A sense of using my time wisely, a feeling of achievement and sharing that blogging brings to me
  • For my daughter: Even when I am not there beside my daughter, especially when she has a family of her own, I want to be with her virtually through these recipes that I cherish. Oh come on Shema - That was very sentimentally philosophical.
Blog Editor, Food Connoisseur and Critic- Blessil George
My husband is the VERY reason I started blogging. He is the one who prodded me to channel my passions and pen my experiences through this medium, instilling in me the confidence to begin and providing me with all the support I need ever since. He is also the editor and critic of my blogs and of course the primary taster and judge. He claims that his job of having to taste all the dishes is not a task to be taken lightly but he is forever willing to sacrifice in support of my passion ;)
The Assistant Food stylist, Helper & Motivator – Mikaela Sarah George a.k.a Mia

Our 3 year old Mikaela is also a mini-connoisseur of good food. She genuinely compliments me when the food is good and I must admit, I do feel truly happy and appreciated when she does so :) She has been a part of each and every photo shoot and does contribute with her original ideas even though she sometimes tries to sneak a bite of the food that is being photographed.  By now, she has got used to the fact that mommy cooks and take photos of what she cooks so on some days when a dish is not photographed it keeps her wondering and confused ..LOL !! She is also the main inspiration and reason for some of the cake recipes, like the “Yo gabba gabba cake” which was baked for her second birthday.
I really appreciate you spending your precious time and stopping by my space. I and so glad you did and hope you enjoyed it 


~Shema George~


  1. Wow Shema.... just went through ur whole site... u have done a great job... am going to definitely try out ur tandoori chicken pretty soon... keep up the good work...


  2. I loved the recipes on ye site and thru the whole thing when i realised that you were a malayalee!!
    Great going!! All the best!

  3. Hey Shema..good going...good to know about your passion for food..so are you trying to get into Masterchef US next season :) ?

    Good luck and best wishes on your culinary journey..

  4. hey shema,

    that was quite a surprise to me..man you r too gud....never expected that you can cook so well.. great work,keep it up... though i didn't go through any receipe proud for the fact that you did it ... u r truely an inspiration

  5. Hi Shema,
    Thank you for sharing these recipes. I found your site when am searching Butterscotch meringue pudding. my mother used to make this. I couldn't contact her for the recipe, so then I found you :)
    so glad to find a person with same interest. God job!


  6. Thanks Anukshi !! Glad you found what you were looking for.. Hope you enjoy Lifescoops :) Thanks a lot for stopping by

  7. thanks shema for those kind words on my space. i came to your blog and found the results of the dmbglit. i wish i had participated :-( i did not participate in the last two dmbglit events. along with blogging many other things kept me busy. i am following you through facebook. you have a nice blog with great pics. all the photos on the results are awesome.

  8. Hello Shema,

    I'm sure you don't remember me :)
    Heard about LifeScoops from a common friend.

    Very nice ... I admire your passion for cooking and aesthetics.
    Totally agree with you on the "Pure Joy" aspect of cooking :)
    Have started reading from one end.

    Hope life's treating you well.


  9. Thanks a lot for stopping by Matthew..It means a lot to me :).....Now you are making me curious - which common friend? and have we met??? :)

  10. You certainly seem to have a beautiful family, my friend!!! ...and that Mikaela? She seems like she's a firecracker! =)

  11. I just had to come and read about you. I'm shocked that I don't see any formal training after viewing this toadstool birthday cake. You're amazing and so talented. I wish you lived close by, I'd love to see you in action as you bake one of these cakes.

    I need to get back to sleep but will browse your site in the morning.

  12. Shema where are u based?
    Loved yr site!

  13. Hi,

    I have passed an award to you. Please collect it from here:



  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have done an awesome work on your blog with pretty presentations and yummy recipes.
    I have already bookmarked few baking recipes to try soon.
    Have a great week ahead.

  15. Hi there shima, lucky me find out this outcorageus blog,
    keep sharing and inspiring my friend...
    i can barely taste your passion through out your photograph.....
    Dedy@Dentist Chef

  16. Shema, thank you for dropping by. Happy to connect :-) You have a wonderful space with great recipes and awesome pics.

  17. Hi Shema, Tried the below so far...

    Soba Noodles - Indo-chinese recipe
    Tandoori Chicken / Tandoori Murgh
    Dhaba Chicken
    Nadan Kozhi Curry / Kerala Style Chicken Curry with Coconut
    Mutton Curry - Indian Style
    All Success, Thanks to your recipe :-)


    1. Thank you so much for sharing your feedback- Glad that you liked these recipes :)

  18. Love reading your 'about me'. Mikeala, sounds so beautiful and lovely girl she is for sure.
    Glad to know you and looking forward to growing our blogs together. Doing a great job and absolutely talent you have there. Good going and hugs.

  19. You are such a talented person Mrs George!! To find the time to blog, cook and to raise a beautiful daughter is amazing:) I certainly will be visiting your blog often, thanks for sharing your daughter with me on a daily basis, she makes me smile every day!!!

  20. Hi Shema,
    You have such an beautiful space.Those pics are killing me :))
    Thank you so much for stopping by my space and joining too, glad to follow Life Scoops.

  21. Hi Shema Chechi,
    Your recipes and the little write ups are superb..Keep up the good work.

  22. Hi Shema! hoping you are doing good. Been missing your posts.

  23. A wonderful blog with beautiful cakes. I was drooling over your cakes, such neat work. Glad I found your blog.


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