November 15, 2011

Wheat Palappam

Palappam is also know as Vellayappam, Kallappam or Lace Appam. It is called Lace Appam because of the lace-like fringes on the side with a thick center and it is sometimes referred to as Kallappam when Kallu (toddy) is used for fermenting the batter. 
Appam is made in a "appam chatti" which is a special pan almost like a small Wok or Kadai, with a slight depression in the bottom center and gradually flaring out onto the ends, thus giving the unique shape to the palappam. 

Growing up in Kerala, appam paired with a Meat or vegetable stew, was a staple Sunday morning after-church breakfast in my family. My mom used to make fresh hot appams for us and I still remember gobbling up those super delicious crisp, lacy appams even before it got to the serving plates.

Mixing up the ingredients and allowing the batter to ferment and absolutely no easy can this get? If that is not enough motivation, here's  more...this recipe is much more healthier than the traditional rice flour-based version since this is made of wheat, giving it a unique, wholesome and flavorful twist. The first time I tried this at home, my family did not even leave a single appam for the blog photo session, devouring everything in minutes. So this time I took my pictures first and then served the food :) 

Makes 15 Appam


To make the Kappi or Kurukku
1/4 Cup - Rava
1 Cup - Water

1 Tsp -Yeast
3 Tsp -Sugar
1/4 Cup - Lukewarm water

2 Cups - Wheat flour
1 can (approx 13.6oz / 400ml) - Thick Coconut milk (Refer notes)
Salt to taste
Extra Water or Coconut water to get the desired batter consistency

  • In a large bowl, add yeast over warm water (110 F/45 C).
  • Kappi Kachal (Making the kappi or kurukku) - Take a saucepan and add Rava and 1 Cup water and cook the rava to make a thick mixture. Take off the heat and let it cool a bit.
  • Once this yeast mixture becomes frothy, add wheat flour,coconut milk and the kappi/kurukku and mix well.
  • Add coconut water or plain water until you get the batter to the palappam consistency
  • Allow to ferment for at least 8 hours or overnight.
  • Add sugar, salt to the fermented batter
  • Heat the appam chatti and pour the batter
  • Hold the appam chatti with both hands and swirl the batter around once then cover and cook until the center is cooked.
  • Serve hot with vegetable /meat stew or egg roast.
Notes and Tips
  • Serve immediately for best results.
  • In case you are making your appam during the cooler months, you notice that fermentation is slow, pre-heat the oven to 100F and switch it off. Place the appam batter in an oven proof dish in the oven. Do not forget to switch off the oven before placing the batter inside the oven. 
  • Make sure your dish is large else the batter might ferment and rise, spilling over the edges.
  • I use Thai Kitchen-Lite coconut milk. 
  • You can substitute canned coconut milk with fresh coconut milk. Fresh is always better.
  • Always check the expiry date on the yeast package.
  • Always store yeast in a refrigerator. 
  • Recipe edited on Feb 13-2016


  1. Lovely innovative post using wheat..Made perfect!!I too have a similar one in my draft ,will post soon..
    You can link this to my event Ongoing Event- Christmas Delicacy(15Nov-31Dec 2011)

  2. Wow..Absolutely new thing for me. This is first in " to-try " list :):). Appam looks perfect.


  3. Never tried palappam with wheat flour..Healthy nd yummy.

  4. shema...can v use the chapathi atta...for eg ashirvad?

  5. Gaatha,
    Yes, you can make it with chappati flour.But I like it better with 100% whole wheat flour that we get from here which is not superfine. All the best.Thanks a lot for trying.

  6. this is new to me! and your pics are not bad at all :)

  7. Id surely like to try this one soon..Reetha.

  8. Sounds like such an authentic recipe, very intriguing n I really like your pics :)

  9. Appam using wheat flour is something very new...Nice recipe...You have a wonderful space with lovely recipes

  10. This looks extremely awesome and would love to have it.

  11. how u r getting all these cooking ideas..u r wonderful...

  12. i love palappam, but never tried it using wheat.Will try it soon. :)

  13. Awsome. Palappam is really my favourite. But never tried it with Wheat. I am going to try this weekend.

  14. I tried this today but i was not crisp as yours. Any suggestions

    1. I have noticed that if you stack the appam,s after cooking one on top of the other they tend to stick to each other.

  15. This is something definitely going to try it


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