May 7, 2012

Orzo with Spinach, Mushrooms and Bacon

I still remember those days when I was at home, and used to get bored easily with nothing exciting to do during the day. Life seemed dull and monotonous while all others around me seemed to enjoy and keep so busy. I had time, literally tones of it but just didn't know how to judiciously spend it.
But,things have changed SO MUCH now, and I must say that the primary reason seems to be my new-found passion for “BLOGGING “. My life has totally maneuvered into a lane of joy, vigor and non-stop excitement!!! The love and interest I receive from my blog readers (love you all!!) and the sense of optimum utilization of my time in something productive, nurtures my mind and soul with positive energy. Now, I know this is what I was meant to do or rather really love to do!

Noticing that cooking and baking were some of my primary passionate pastimes, my husband initially suggested that I should start blogging about my related experiences and opinions, but, I vehemently shot down the idea then. Probably finding myself in a gray realm of unsureness, caught between conflicting questions and feelings around my skills around photography, penning my thoughts or just the lack of confidence and readiness to express myself through such a medium, kept me back pinned with the additional excruciating idea that people around me would opine that I was just going overboard with an undue and inflated pride in my own cooking skills.J This initial phase of negativity surely proves that “An Empty mind is certainly the Devil's workshop!!”

It took some extra self-prodding and reflection before I could see the idea from a different perspective and finally I warmed up to the notion that it may be a nice harmless means to channel my thoughts, by taking pride in what I like and believing in myself rather than bending under the pressure of negative thoughts or fear of public opinion – You alone define your life and how it should turn out, PERIOD!!!!

So all you people out there, who are low-key right now, should reflect into your lives and do what you think is right and good for need to find our own fodder to keep yourself happy and engaged with a live and positive outlook = happy and healthy life. Cheers!!!

Having voiced my exhaustive opinions, let me come back to my favorite subject: Food!!! What I have for you here is a simple pasta dish made with Orzo, Spinach and earthy Portobello Mushrooms along with crispy bacon and loads of grated Parmesan, an entree sure to please your family. Vegetarians, you can skip the bacon and make this dish with butter or olive oil for a flavorful take.

Serves 4
1 Cup – Orzo
8 Oz – Baby Portobello Mushrooms, sliced
4 Cups – Fresh Spinach
1 – Onion, Chopped
5 cloves – Garlic, minced
4 slice - Bacon
Pepper to taste
For Garnish

Grated Parmigiano Reggiano - Parmesan Cheese (as much as your heart desires)
  • Cook Orzo as per the directions on the box
  • Add chopped Bacon to a heavy-bottomed frying pan, and sauté until crisp.
  • Drain Bacon onto a paper towel and reserve the fat tendered from it to use for frying the Garlic and Onions. If you want a healthy version you might as well discard the bacon fat (but don’t regret it later) and add oil to the frying pan
  • Sauté Garlic and Onions until they are translucent, then add mushrooms and spinach and cook for 5 minutes or until most of the water evaporates. Season with salt and pepper.
  • Add the cooked Orzo and mix until everything has been incorporated well
  • Garnish with crisp Bacon and grated Parmigiano Reggiano
Notes and Tips
  • You can skip the bacon and make this dish with butter or olive oil for a vegetarian version
  • I serve this with fried sunny-side eggs, the runny yolk with the salty crispy bacon, hearty vegetables and Orzo is simply and deliciously out of this world!!

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