September 15, 2012

Meet the Judges - DMBLGiT Sep2012

I am extremely privileged and honored to host such an amazing event and to interact with such talented food bloggers from all over the world.
Without further ado, let me introduce the DMBLGiT Sep2012 judges, who have gracefully agreed to spare their time to help judge the wonderful contest entries.

Please visit their space and take a look at their amazing work!

DMBLGiT Sep2012 Gallery
Annoucements,Rules and Details

Keep the entries coming!!

Shema George

Giulia ScarpaleggiaJuls’ Kitchen | Facebook | Twitter

In February 2009 I started blogging at  Juls’ Kitchen, to give voice to my passion for food, subsequently learning to express it through words and images. Now Juls’ Kitchen is a diary of my life in Tuscany seen through my experiences with food. In January 2012 I turned my passion into a job: now I am a freelance food writer, I develop recipes for magazines and food companies and I am a Tuscan cooking class instructor for foreigners and Italians. In other words, I cook every day, I take photos when there’s enough light to do it, I write too much and I eat with pleasure. I have fun and enjoy every single moment, cherishing every day.


My name is Nami, and I was born and raised in Japan and now live in San Francisco.  I’m a stay-at-home mom to two wonderful children and have a food blog called Just One Cookbook.  I discovered food blogging in early 2011 and it changed my world.  It allows me the opportunity to meet many unique foodie friends from all different countries, as well as to share easy home cooked Japanese recipes with those who are interested in Japanese food.  As part of blogging, I became deeply interested with food photography and I’m always looking to improve my food photos.  I’m thrilled to be able to judge the work coming in for DMBLGiT this month.

Naomi Bakers Royale | Facebook | Twitter

Naomi - Wife of one, mother of one, friend of too many and a neurotic queen to the household hamster. On my blog,  Bakers Royale, you will find my reviews of other blogger’s recipes after I have tried their posted creations. The idea is to chronicle what I love, what inspires me and of course what is drool worthy enough to repeat over and over.You will also find my own baking creations and experimentations.Without formal training in the art of baking, I’ve armed myself with an abundant reserve of passion and determination for baking and creating. Hopefully when it comes to my own creations, you will see more successes than failures. But as I tell those in my life, you don’t have to be the best—you just have to be your best. With that in mind, I will be showcasing my failures as well with the idea that through feedback and comments you can steer me right and inversely I can do the same for you.Aside from my kitchen wanderings, you’ll also find bits and pieces of me stumbling my way through life as a wife, as a mom and just as somebody who is happy to be on a path with no end in sight.Lastly, I have an awesome 9-5 job at a cancer diagnostic company that rocks

Prerna SinghIndian Simmer | Facebook | Twitter

I am a food photographer, blogger and the face behind the popular Indian food blog  Indian Simmer. I spent most of my childhood in a few small towns in central India – a time I fondly remember for Rotis straight off the clay oven and mom’s cooking with produce plucked right from the farms. I went to business school in India to get an MBA and worked in the advertising industry for a few years. Six years ago I moved to the US and now live with my husband and a naughty three year old daughter who keeps me on my toes. I love traveling, exploring new cuisines and then trying them in my kitchen to later share them with the world. I started my food blog in early 2010 as a way to share the recipes I developed and was soon drawn to food photography as a medium to present these recipes. Since then I have been fortunate to have my blog and recipes featured on some reputed food sites like Food Network and The Huffington Post. Indian Simmer was nominated as a Best Food Blog 2011 finalist by Savuer magazine and I am in the process of writing my first cookbook which releases towards the end of this year.

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