April 13, 2013

Vishu Sadhya Recipes

Wishing you all a very Happy Vishu!!

Vishu is the New Year day celebration of Malayalees. It is celebrated on the first day of Malayalam month Medam. "Vishu" in Sanskrit means "equal". This is not only the festival of Malayalees, this New year festival is celebrated in other parts of India also on the same day, but with different names like Bihu in Assam, Baisakhi in Punjab, Puthendu in Tamil Nadu, and Vishua Sankranti in Orissa, with their unique customs and rituals

Achar (Spicy Pickle)
Kadumanga Achar / Mango Pickle
Inji Curry / Puli Inji

Pulissery (Vegetables in Yogurt Sauce)
Chembu Pulissery

Pachadi (Vegetables in Coconut & Mustard infused Yogurt Sauce)
Beetroot Pachadi
Kale Pachadi

Avial (Mixed Vegetables in Coconut and Yogurt)

Theeyal (Vegetables in spiced roasted coconut gravy)
Vazhuthanenga (Eggplant) Theeyal


  1. What is your address Shema? Amazing food, such a treat! Everything looks so yummy-) Have a beautiful and delicious holiday dear!!

  2. Nyc collection Shema.. Unique collections

  3. Quite a spread of collection.. Happy Vishu to u too dear :)

  4. Awesome collection, Happy Vishu to you and family!!
    Thanks for stopping by, following you back :-)

  5. Wow... Happy Vishu to you too.. I'm a new blogger... Do visit my blog.. http://kitchenserenity.blogspot.in/

  6. lovely collection dear,hope u had a great Vishu!!

  7. I only wish now that i will be able to come to your place once for vishu :-)

  8. Happy Vishu to you! I had puli inji once, at an Onam lunch, and it was DELICIOUS. I'm so glad you shared your recipe for it, I'm bookmarking!

  9. Hope you had a great Vishu...Yummy collection of recipes..

  10. What a pretty collection...I'm yet to garner a collection of kerala sadhya recipes at my space...hopefully by Onam I will have a few to boast abt :-) Hope ur Vishu went great! N I love Inji puli btw...its my fav sadhya item!

  11. Happy Vishu to you and your family! What a great feast! I love all kinds of holidays especially the food part. :)

  12. Shema what a great round up of recipes. I had the fortune of tasting it avial and theeyal time in India for the first time and cooked by a keralaite friend. Loved it!

  13. A wonderful roundup! Everything looks delicious.

    Happy Vishu.



  14. Interesting round up dear...
    Congratulations !!!
    Im here 2 pass u a Liebster Blog Award from my side...
    Do grab it frm the below link & dont 4get 2 cmmnt when u receive it n when u pass it..Let me knw too...


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