September 13, 2011

Nectarine Fruit Punch

This very simple, refreshing and colorful drink is perfect for entertaining on a warm summer day. My daughter and I love Nectarines and now its in season and very common in neighboring grocery stores. We therefore often pick them up, especially when they are on sale.

If you are new to this fruit you would find the information given below useful:

How to choose a Nectarine?
Ripe fruit are fragrant and give, slightly,to the touch. If they are under-ripe, leave them at room temperature for2–3 days to ripen. Look for fruit with smooth unblemished skin. Avoid extremely hard or dull colored fruits and soft fruit with soft, wrinkled,punctured skin.

How to distinguish between a Nectarine and a Peach?
Peaches have a fuzzy hair on their skin while Nectarines have a smooth skin.
Serves 4

4 - Ripe Nectarine
3 1/2 C - Chilled Sprite or any lemon flavoured soda
Ice cubes
Sugar (optional - only if the nectarines are not sweet enough)
Few Nectarines Slices for garnish

Cut the nectarine into pieces and discard the seed. Transfer the pieces into a blender and pulse to make smooth pulp. Add sugar if the nectarines are not sweet. Add chilled soda and ice. Garnish with a piece of nectarine.


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