September 14, 2011

Irish Steel-cut oats with Maple syrup

As a child, I was extremely fussy about food and could have easily been an apt research specimen for a "Bare minimum food requirements for a child" study :) Being a mother now, I can understand what my mother underwent those days. One of the few things I used to like growing up was Oatmeal. I still remember those days, when after a long day of jumping around and going on with almost no food, hunger used to creep in and I would request my mom for a bowl of oatmeal. My mom used to get really mad at this since she would be almost ready to call it a day and hit the bed , but looking at the sad face I put on, my grandma would coax my mom to go and make me some oatmeal anyway. What a nuisance I was!! I know, I totally agree.
What an irony, a choosy eater like I was is now a die-hard foodie!!

For those of you who don't like the normal oatmeal because it could get gooey and sticky, could try an alternative called Steel-cut oats. It is also known as Irish or Scottish Oats owing to the traditional use in those countries. It has a distinctive chewy texture. The steel cut oats are made by cutting whole oats kernels into small pieces and if you haven't tried it yet, I think you should ,especially due to the healthy properties whole grain oats possess. Hope you enjoy this healthy and delicious breakfast to jump start your day !

Serves 4

1 Cup - Steel-cut oats
4 Cup - Water
1 Cup - Milk
4 Tbsp - Maple Syrup or Honey or Brown Sugar
Add ins

2 Teaspoon - Flaxseed powder
2 Teaspoon - Chia seeds
Berries of your choice
Nuts of your choice

Steel-cut oats take longer to cook compared to traditional rolled oats. You can cook them in a pressure cooker or stove-top. Pressure cooker method is faster so I prefer that :)

Cook steel cut oats in pressure cooker
Set your kitchen timer to 10 mins. Cook the steel-cut oats with water in a pressure cooker on high heat. After the first whistle, reduce the heat to low. Cook for only 10 mins from start to finish. Remove from heat and wait until the pressure goes.

Cook steel-cut oats on stove-top
Bring water to a boil in a non-stick sauce pan. Slowly stir-in the steel cut oats. When oatmeal begins to thicken (about 5 mins), reduce heat. Simmer uncovered for 30 mins or to desired consistency stirring occasionally.

Add chopped maple syrup and milk. Cook uncovered for 2 more mins. Serve hot with your favorite add ins. Enjoy !

  • You can pressure cook the plain steel-cut oats with water and store it in an air tight container in the refrigerator and use this over the week with whatever add-ins you like.

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