January 30, 2013

Game Day Party Recipes / Super Bowl Recipes

Well, finally its that time of the year - Superbowl weekend is just around the corner.

The Superbowl, or for that matter any bowl game, football game, basketball, or any sport, is taken incredibly seriously here at the George Family. My husband, is a die-hard sports fan and I can undoubtedly say that no game goes unwatched in our household – thanks to DVR technology. The Superbowl weekend is one of mixed emotions though- my husband gets really emotional and sad that the season is wrapping up while I cherish the very thought. Moreover, this time of the season is not just about the game for me – LOL – its also about the food, the new (usually crazy) advertisements that come on TV and of course the half-time entertainment!!

Talking about food – Have you nailed down your weekend party menu? If not, here is some help from LifeScoops 

Have a great game day!!


  1. Enjoy the game with yummy recipes,Shema!!

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